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(Terrified.) Only Eli on the Ravens would scare me more than Eli going to the Jets. The following QBs didn’t have their first “quality” season until their late 20s or later. It’s ludicrous to imagine Case Freaking Keenum helming a 2-seed and making magic with Adam Thielen every week, but it’s not THAT ludicrous. With Jeff Fisher’s mannequin pretending to coach them, would they have finished … And, yes, I am totally expecting a “how dare you” response.—Sport Watchers BS: How. Feel free to incorporate this endorsement from a real customer into any of your live reads, I assume Hotel Tonight will love it.—Alex G. and the Niners (getting three in Chicago), the Jets (getting 3.5 at home against a decomposing Chiefs team), and Bengals (getting five in a Monday must-win at home against a slightly overvalued Steelers team).

Q: If the Giants release Eli soon, why wouldn’t the Pats do the right thing and sign him? Eli having more rings than Peyton would be hilarious.2. Age 27: Tony Romo Age 28: Kurt Warner, Matt Hasselbeck, Danny White, Matt Schaub Age 29: Brad Johnson, Brian Sipe Age 30: Jeff Garcia Age 31: Steve Young Age 32: Warren Moon, Trent Green Age 33: Vinny Testaverde Age 34: Rich Gannon We just ripped off 13 late bloomers over the past 40 years, and that list didn’t include two late-bloomer/right-time-right-place Super Bowl QBs (Stan Humphries and Jeff Hostetler) or two reclamation projects who won Super Bowls in their 30s (Doug Williams and Jim Plunkett). Young had the talent and waited for his chance for years. History tells us that (a) Case Freaking Keenum should happen every three to four years, (b) we should drop the “freaking” and (c) we were actually overdue for another late-bloomer QB. Q: On your 20 Best NBA Players Right Now podcast, I liked where you ranked Paul George (13, I believe), a great two-way guy with an all around skill set. I also like anyone (in this case, the Raiders) against Geno Smith. It’s the last week to grab the Falcons as an undervalued home team before everyone realizes that the Falcons offense is back. This has nothing to do with Case Freaking Keenum, I swear.

Minimum 1500 pass attempts to qualify as career leader" data-filter="1" data-name="Yds/Pass Cmp" (Passing Yards - Sack Yards) / (Passes Attempted Times Sacked)Minimum 14 attempts per schedule game to qualify as leader.

Q: Why aren’t we considering the fact that Case Keenum may never have actually been bad?

The guy who caught the Helmet Catch never caught another NFL pass, and the guy who threw the pass that turned into the Helmet Catch got benched for Geno Smith. The 2017 MVP is Carson Wentz—he’s the best player on a contender, he’s done the most with the least weapons, he’s had some legitimately fantastic moments, he’s a crazy cross between Rodgers, Roethlisberger, and Wilson, he’s the best under-30 asset in the league, and he’s done more to stop Ginger-shaming than anyone since Sidney on . I’m such a gigantic Tom Brady fan that I defend him against every one of my friends’ PED jokes even though Brady is faster and more accurate at age 40 than ever before, and even I think Carson Wentz is the MVP right now.

Plus, there are some moves aimed at making his core powerful and sturdy enough to lift his game.

Manning focuses on getting a big meal on the night after the game to restore his energy levels and to aid muscle recovery.

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That was always part of our big-picture Q: What is the most plausible N. —Tom, South Dakota BS: Since Le Bron is playing for the Lakers next season, it’s Eli/Jets by default. (Amused.) The thought of the Brady-Belichick era ending with the Pats blowing a Round 2 playoff game at home to Eli and the 9-7 Jets? BS: Even though he’s 29 years old and coming off a 9-15 lifetime record with the Texans and Rams, and even though he’s Case Freaking Keenum, Mitchell’s question isn’t nearly as ridiculous as you might think. And Keenum got thrown into a hopeless Texans situation, then spent two years playing for Jeff Fisher’s mannequin for an offense without any decent receivers. —Cody, Boston BS: Sorry, WABM or WADOO just doesn’t have the same ring. The Rams are 8-3 and headed for something in the 12-4 range. I have Mc Vay at a plus-6.5 projected WARM right now. What’s the broadcasting equivalent of a dropped extra point? Let's all take a deep breath and remember what playoff Romo is like. That hurt my feelings so much that we’re killing the mailbag! That's when I remembered the live reads you and Sal have done for Hotel Tonight. When the guy at the desk checked me into the room I had booked 15 minutes earlier and saw that I had no luggage, he gave me a sympathetic look that said, “I know why you’re here, and you aren’t the first.” The room was just the space I needed to stay up all night crying. I like a few underdogs this week, including Jimmy G.