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If you want sophisticated intellectual understanding of women - it is here. He tells you how to meet different kinds of women with different kinds of personalities in different kinds of situations. Then he goes on and tells you how to attract them, date them, seduce them and establish the exact kind of relationship you are looking for. He tells you how to make relationships last and turn a girlfriend into a marriage.

It is not just a bunch of pick up lines, and techniques (although it gives you that too.) It is a complete education about women and what works. And for those of you who are interested - he even tells you how to have 5 of 6 girlfriends and keep them ALL without lying to any of them.

He lets attendees know what they will take away from his presentation, “Funeral Home & Cemetery Synergy: Success Strategies for Combo Firms and Stand-alone Funeral Homes and Cemeteries” at the 2013 NFDA Annual Convention. Jessica Koth,  Public Relations Manager of NFDA gives us her insights into this year’s Convention that is being held in Austin, Texas.

 She shares her tips for first timers plus Jessica discusses some of the new activities and events that will be happening at the 2013 NFDA Annual Convention. Coleen Ellis of Two Hearts Pet Loss Center in Greenwood, Indiana shares her insights into the incorporation of pet loss services into regular funeral home offerings.

In conjunction with the above two products - "Dating To Relating" and "Double Your Dating" they can have decent value.

Taken on their own, I would not recommend them for the average guy. Rx shows you how to pick up the other 80% of women in clubs and the other 90% of women in life that these techniques won't work on.

The techniques that are given here, definitely work, but they only work on a narrow band of what I would label shallow women. He tells youhow to get a "real" relationshi P and how to pick up"real" (non-shallow) women. The value of Neil Strauss's book "The Game" is that it gives you a very interesting sort of historical application of the techniques to think with. Neil has also evloved Mystery's techniques on his own and will give you a slighly different but similar perspective on things and has his own website and workshops in addition to his book "The Game."you are the kind of guy like me who is very interested in being very skilled at this "meeting women" stuff, then I would say these materials (The Mystery Method and "The Game") are also a MUST for your library in addition to "Dating To Relating" and "Double Your Dating."However, I would caution you.

I stress again that getting both of these products is a smart idea.They complement each other and after you get these two products you won't really need any other.Well for those of you who don't know, Mystery was Neil's initial Guru.She lets attendees know what they will learn and take away from her presentation, “Art of Cremation Phone Inquiries: 3 Steps to Better Client Decisions” at the 2013 NFDA Annual Convention. Ken Varner of Cypress Lawn  Funeral Home & Cemetery in Colma, California shares his thoughts about how funeral homes and cemeteries can work together.Ken’s experience is from their combination operation at Cypress Lawn but he explains how stand-alone funeral homes and cemeteries can work together to achieve the same result.

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