Internet dating stories hell

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Internet dating stories hell

Luckily, after many dating mishaps, we find that the author's story has a happy ending. An amazing story of a young women's search to find herself, find the life she is looking for and find that special person to share it with.

It's unpleasant spending the whole book in her company."Internet Dates from Hell" is not only a guide; it is also a seven-year journey through author Trisha Ventker's dating life as a single kindergarten teacher who relocated from the suburbs to New York City to find her soul mate.Fielding over four hundred responses on a given day, and receiving more than fifty-two thousand hits on her personal ad in an eight-month span, Ventker shares her frightening but true dating encounters in the wonderful world of online dating."Internet Dates from Hell" is an honest and witty telling of dating in the internet age.Spoiler alert: she finds her man, has a baby, settles down in the suburbs, lives happily-ish after While reading Trisha's book, I just kept giving thanks that not only was I happily married, but had found my husband in college.

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Then again, I probably missed out on a lot of funny life experiences.