Intelligent message filter not updating 7 up dating

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Intelligent message filter not updating

Whatever the reason that people create and employ Gmail filters, they find it frustrating when those filters don’t work.(Speaking of filters, we figured out how to create a Gmail filter to make Gmail automatically send something to the spam folder!

IMF is not enabled by default to update automatically, but can be quickly and easily via a registry change.

While it is built in, it is not enabled by default.

Note: If you are using Small Business Server with the POP3 connector, then you cannot use IMF. To use IMF you will need to get your email delivered directly by SMTP.

Or maybe you cc: yourself on important emails and don’t want to have to see the email you sent show up in your inbox – so you have a filter that sends everything ‘from’ you to a separate folder, or even to the sent folder – and yet email you send to yourself keeps showing up in your Gmail inbox.

In some cases with which we are familiar, even multiple filters, aimed at the same email from different angles, fail.

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There are two steps to enable the Intelligent Message Filter.

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