Honeypot dating

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Honeypot dating

“Honestly, I set up our Tide account in about three minutes,” says George. “Passion is where great ideas come from,”George says.“I’m not joking.” The mobile-first thinking of Tide is ideal for an agile start-up. It just makes it way more accessible.” He also points to no fees for card payments abroad, which could be useful when Honeypot expands overseas. “There is a reason so many great businesses are born from past experiences.The mystery girl encouraged pedestrians to share photos of the message on Instagram as an act of revenge, supplying Rawlings’ handle for this purpose.The team spent just over £50 on the large whiteboard and pens, and the stunt resulted in an estimated one million multi-platform impressions.It began with the ultimate motivation: George and his co-founders were single, and realised they needed to enter the dating scene.“We were all single and needed boyfriends and girlfriends. Our whole focus and our value was to ditch the dating apps.“I like how Tide is completely digital,” observes George. You find a service and ask yourself how can you improve it. And we still need to find ourselves girlfriends and boyfriends!

They are passionate about saving their users’ time, and found the same ethos at Tide. George and his co-founders can’t wait to launch Honeypot in more locations across London.

“It’s a different breed of dating app because it’s very much in the moment,” says George. “We’ve got predetermined locations around London where you check-in, say you’re available, and meet someone minutes later for coffee.” This immediate approach cuts out the time-consuming messaging apps like Tinder.

“It’s all about right now, very instant- what are you up to at this point in time.” The hook is to create Honeypots – zones where users can arrange to meet for a very quick date. You just see who’s checked in to your Honeypot zone, and buzz them. “Lots of dating apps focus on interests and criteria.

It’s more of a hard slog than an exciting process these days. We want to strip things down and get right back to basics when it comes to dating – the ol’ fashioned way. Essentially, Honeypot acts as a magnet attracting singles to the same place. Basically, you can see Insta stories of where the honeypots will form near you – think vibrant pubs, rooftop hang outs and buzzy bars.

The constantly feeling disposable to the other person behind the screen, the continual worry that the person you’re talking to isn’t all they might seem to be, the seemingly inevitable disappointment when you arrange to meet up only for the potentially significant other to cancel last minute. It’s crazy that a lot of people in 2018 find the idea of meeting someone whilst out and about a bit odd. No wondering what the person will be like because, well, they’re stood right in front of you and after five minutes if you decide, nah he’s not for me, no worries – there’s been no emotional build-up or attachment so nobody’s left disappointed and effectively, everyone’s a winner! honeypot just puts you in the right place, at the right time with way more singles and the best bit? As you arrive, there’s no need to display a big name tag or check in or any of that rigmarole, just turn up, and you’ll find yourself surrounded with other people who have arrived with the same intentions. Go to the honeypot, grab a drink with your mates and enjoy yourself.

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So, where might one meet said potential S/O out and about? Remember, people don’t know you’re there because of honeypot, so best flirting foot forward!