Hiv positive gay dating indiana

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Hiv positive gay dating indiana

First of all, most laws don’t require that someone actually transmit HIV to be charged.

Sheen said that he had unprotected sex with some sexual partners after his diagnosis, but had done so safely to ensure that none would contract HIV.So when Sheen says that it’s virtually impossible for him to pass on the virus, he’s right. In other words, if Sheen’s viral load is undetectable, you could draw Sheen’s blood and the blood of one of the HIV-negative women Sheen dated, and their blood would look the same.He’s not cured of HIV, but you can’t find it in his blood.Why would Sheen have needed to tell his partners he had HIV? The law says that Sheen and all people with HIV must disclose their health status to partners or risk jail time — that’s regardless of viral load, treatment or even transmission of the virus.It’s a hold-over from the bad-old-days of HIV stigma, when doctors wouldn’t treat HIV-positive gay men.

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Pr EP stands for pre-exposure prophylaxis, and it’s not a medicine so much as a treatment regimen.