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"I did not want to spend my life fighting over parking privileges, search committees, faculty meetings, the whole deal." As a graduate student and in her first years back in New York City, Fisher was involved in two serious relationships—it's easy to imagine that she, a blond, warm-eyed, playful woman who jogs several miles every morning in a very successful effort to stay trim and fit, was always a heartbreaker.

But around 1980, she fell in love with international correspondent Raymond Carroll, an urbane, worldly, divorced Irish American from Brooklyn more than 20 years her senior. ' And he'd just say: 'The angels.'") He helped her with the editing of her first books, including and basically lived with Carroll for a dozen years in his Soho apartment (while always keeping her own place), and it was during this time that she made a big change.

She thinks she didn't really "get" marriage early in life: "I thought to myself, Life is so Perhaps it's no coincidence that it was during the post-romantic coda with Carroll, and her parallel romance, that Fisher formulated the threefold theory of human attraction that was the ruling insight of her 2004 book, .She proposed that lust is a simple craving, our impulse to seize the moment to reproduce; romantic love is a "euphoric madness" that impels us to identify and bond with a mating partner; and companionate attachment permits a union to flourish even after the romance is no longer so euphoric or mad—establishing an ornate connection to another living soul.In , Fisher contends that our characteristically human pair-bonding instinct, so rare in the promiscuous and harem-riddled animal kingdom, is not a mere emotional impulse or social convention, but rather a deeply rooted need even stronger than our sex drive.(Lorna became a painter and a professional hot-air balloon pilot—the first woman to navigate the Continental Divide in a basket.) Helen decided in undue haste to marry a Coloradan she met there; it was a disaster.She walked down the aisle at her big, fancy white wedding back in New Canaan in a fog of dread, knowing that it was a mistake, because she could not bear the immediate consequences of telling her mother she needed to call it off.

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Furthermore, if you've signed up with the internet dating site in the last decade, you've come under the influence of Fisher, who is Match's chief scientific adviser.