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With her help, they defeat Think Tank as an "unsanctioned team-up", a precursor to entering a full relationship. He speaks calmly in anything short of the most urgent circumstances, and his level voice is sometimes at odds with a crazed facial expression. During a battle with a villain named Think Tank, Brock is blasted out of Ventech Tower but is saved by Warriana who he encountered many times. He usually speaks in a low, gravelly deadpan and maintains a casual aura.

Venture being given a large company and fortune from his late brother, making him a giant target for actual high ranked villains and not just mid level ones like the Monarch, re-taking his place from an ousted Sergeant Hated. Brock also sports a half-finished tattoo of the Swan Song Records logo on his right biceps which he describes as "Icarus from the Led Zeppelin albums." After the start of season 4, Brock has a metal plate fastened between his pectorals to cover a wound he received when H. Although he has since healed, the plate has yet to be removed.

between the third and fourth seasons to aid in their mission against villains whom the O. Brock's personality has evolved considerably throughout the series.

could not effectively combat due to bureaucratic restrictions. Whether or not Brock knows of Bowie's role in the Guild is not clear, but Brock makes it clear that he would be happy to kill Bowie if the opportunity arose.

In Season 5, due to Gathers becoming the new leader of the O. Appropriate to his half-Swedish heritage, he has blonde hair and light blue eyes. He loves fighting and killing seeing his agent duty as his true purpose even, though he sometimes doubts it.

Brock was originally based on pro-wrestler Psycho Sid Vicious (real name Sid Eudy), there were complaints by WWE about this and later the creators had to tone down Brock's psychotic behavior from the first season. Magic, Brock was about to give Molotov a powerbomb onto the bed, but that part was removed and now just shows him walking to the bed with Molotov punching him whilst sitting on his shoulders facing him. During said moment, Brock will take down every enemy in sight but despite that, he refuses to kill women and children due to his teachings from Colonel Hunter Gathers.

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There are several references to the state of Minnesota throughout the series in relation to Brock: e.g., Minnesota Vikings logo on his headphones and Hunter saying he's "from the land of the lakes country Dammit! During surgery to remove a bullet from his shoulder in the episode Hate Floats, his body is discovered to harbor three additional bullets, "a blowgun dart, two shark's teeth, the tip of a bayonet, a twisted paper clip, and a meager handful of buckshot," which he had apparently failed to notice.

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