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Gigolo fuck

Apparently my cock head had a larger pee slit than most men as she took her time using her tongue to force it open.

I could actually feel her mouth cum enter the head of my cock.

I finally slapped her ass and told her to climb on for a ride. She began rising and lowering herself onto my cock. As I put my hand down, I spit on my thumb and began running it around her asshole. Right then, I decided to drop my first nut load into her asshole. I had conditioned myself to control the release of my loads; and this was my fourth fuck of the day.

She was riding up and down like a bull rider in the rodeo. She came so hard and frequently her juices were flowing onto my balls and pubic area. I did not want to leave with a smelly residue in my pubic hair. I slapped her on the ass and told her to climb off. My balls were slapping her pussy lips and clit as she continued to squeal and orgasm. My thumb had loosened her asshole enough that on my next pull back, I removed my cock.

I began to picture her with a cowboy hat and chaps; perhaps another time. She had that disapointed, spoiled little rich girl look on her face as she climbed off. As she moaned in disappointment, I positioned my cock head at her ass and began to thrust it in.

I told her to get on her knees and elbows as I wanted to fuck doggie style. I got behind her and positioned my cock at her pussy hole. I took hold of her ass cheeks as I began to push my cock in. I was holding tight on her ass as I began pumping my cock in and out. I was fucking her hard; driving my cock deep into her with every thrust. Her head shot back as my cock head went deep into that asshole.

If he was away overnight, it was normal for her to be my last stop of the day; and I would stay overnight. She answered the door; by her attire, I knew he was away for the evening. She was only 5 foot tall and weighed in at about 90 pounds. She was meticulous in appearance when out in public. She was almost bouncing like a school girl as we went into the living room.

I earned my money by satisfying the carnal needs of older women in our town. On non-school days, I would average 4 to 5 dates per day. Her college roommate was coming to town and she wanted me to do a 3-some with them.

Once the husband hit 50 or so; or became succesful in business; or just got bored with the wife, her frustrations would begin. We were standing by the slider as we began kissing.

Spurt after spurt spewed forth into her anal cavity. I took my time extracting my cock from her asshole. She looked for a few seconds; she saw the brown globs from her asshole.

But then her mouth went open and down on my cock shaft.

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