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When I was in kindergarten, my class had a pet hamster that was shared between us and stayed at one of our houses every weekend.

When it was finally my turn to host the little guy, I was ecstatic.

Now, despite no reported evidence that their joint interest in the fur community was a motive for the murders, the incident is causing concern among furries already sick of defending the scene from negative stereotypes.

They worry that the tragedy will become a joke to the general public, like a 2014 chlorine gas attack at Midwest Furfest did, when MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski was unable to keep a straight face after she learned, on-camera, about furries.

Katlynn – who had been friends with Acosta until recently, when her family made her break off contact with the older man – was recovered safely by the police.

The story soon attracted national attention, after it was revealed that Jennifer and Katlynn were part of Southern California’s furry subculture – dedicated fans of anthropomorphized animals who typically flock to cartoons and fan fiction depicting adorable animals that walk on two feet – as were the two men arrested for the murder.

A Go Fund Me site has been set up for the young children of the Yosts, as well as one for the 5-year-old son of victim Billy Boucher.

“Thanks to the courage of this brave survivor, we were able to hold this man accountable for his crimes,” Attorney General Josh Shapiro said.

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On September 24th, police arrived at a Fullerton, California, home to find two children, aged six and nine, waiting for them on the porch in terror.

Jennifer Yost’s 17-year-old daughter Katlynn was reported missing.

Three days after the deaths, police arrested 21-year-old Joshua Acosta and 25-year-old Frank Felix.

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“My office will investigate and prosecute anyone we uncover who sexually abuses children to the fullest extent of the law.” Those sentenced previously include David Parker, who received 30 years in federal prison; Jeffrey Harvey, who was sentenced to two to five years in state prison; Paige Tasker, who received one to 10 years in state prison; and Anna Durbin, who got one to five years in state prison.