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His unimposing presence was a source of inspiration for two bespectacled young men, Roy Orbison and John Lennon, and in 1977 it would cul­minate in the defiantly nerdy form of Elvis Costello.

As Rolling Stones’ guitarist Keith Richards observed, Buddy Holly and the Crickets were the world’s first “self-con­tained rock and roll band,” writing their own songs, per­forming their own music, recording and touring cease­lessly.

In truth, Lubbock always went on with or without Buddy Holly, the city’s only world-famous native son.

Evidence abounds that Lubbock has been made familial with the nineties: the rows of sleek three-year-old brick houses on the southwest side of the city, the brew-pub and the techno-dance venues in the “depot district” abutting downtown, the crack houses on the east side, and a first-term mayor named David Langston who, it is whispered, has progres­sive leanings.

The Beatles (whose name was inspired by the Crickets) and the Stones made no secret of Buddy’s influence on them; in fact, the former’s first single was “That’ll Be the Day,” while the latter’s was “Not Fade Away,” both Holly originals.

Buddy’s hiccupping tenor twang, his peculiar guitar downstrokes, and above all, his amiable but insistent songwriting sensibility continue to dominate today’s pop music landscape.

Inside Lubbock’s Pancake House on Q Street, it’s breakfast all day long, and the patrons who file in at all hours fall heavily into the wooden chairs as if to take root there.

The folks here are gener­ally older, and they wear cotton shirts and jeans and blow steadily on their coffee while the steam rises to their jowls.

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The CD, which includes appear­ances by the Band, Los Lobos, Nanci Griffith, Graham Nash, and Buddy’s protégé Waylon Jennings, is an ex­hilarating tribute to Buddy.

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