Free anal hookup

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Free anal hookup

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Got a little hung up on the same old sexploits recently? Well, when it comes to deviant delights, we have just the thing and, trust us, it guarantees to have you hooked!

The slave is forced into a perfect position, where the chest is lifted and the back is arched inwards up to the upper spine.

This is an incredible turn on for both Dominant and submissive.

So start enjoying a little foreplay, or masturbation if alone, and really get in the mood.

Don’t be tight; you’re going to need plenty of lube for this anal activity.

A sharp jerk or fast pull on the hook has the potential to do a lot of damage.

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He's smoking hot but what makes him hotter is the fact that he loves some pain before a cock in the mouth.

Introduce your new BDSM tackle during a soft/moderate scene to determine what works best and how the hook fits the slave’s body. Indeed, there are many, many reasons why we love to play with these deviant devices.

Discuss with each other how it feels in various different positions so that when you move onto something a little more hardcore you don’t inadvertently do some damage. Now hang in there; all you need to do is follow these simple dos and don’ts; So, “What’s the hook? Anal hooks are a hugely popular BDSM tool and are mostly used for posture training.

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A perfect tool for predicament bondage, an anal hook not only leaves the slave bound and helpless, it also means they can only move between a limited number of positions. This is a type of edge play, putting the submissive between a ‘rock and a hard place’.