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Fear intimidation sedating substances

These reports are forwarded to the FBI and compiled into the Uniform Crime Report (UCR).

The department has been assigned an identification number by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and submits monthly reports of all criminal incidents under its jurisdiction to the New Jersey State Police.Precautions such as locking doors, walking in groups or taking the Campus Shuttle Bus at night and keeping valuables out of sight are emphasized in student and employee orientation programs and reinforced throughout the year.Back to top Other services available on campus for personal safety are: The University provides a technology-assisted escort program through the Campus Connect program and the Mobile Guardian application which may be installed on a mobile phone. 668.41, 668.46 and 668.49, and the Drug Free Schools and Communities Act and Part 86 of the Department of Education’s General Administrative Regulations.Upon request, a paper copy of the report will be provided by University Police at its Headquarters.

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