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Posted by / 11-Feb-2020 08:08

Parental controls allow you to restrict child accounts on an Xbox One.

You can restrict access to games, media, and apps by age rating, filter the web, and control online privacy and chat features.

This works similarly to the parental controls in Windows 10.

This feature relies on your children each having their own accounts.

The child can then select your parent account to request access.

You’ll need to enter your password, indicating you’ve provided permission for the child to access the normally restricted content.

Our live, weekly online chats provide a friendly forum to share experiences and chat with others about anything from the initial phase of diagnosis to treatment and survivorship. This chat is open for you to discuss any issue related to living with NHL: a new diagnosis, treatment decisions, relapse, treatment side effects, emotional toll, fatigue, interpersonal relationships, clinical trials, living with uncertainty, etc.

Each chat is moderated by an oncology social worker.

Select “Add to Family.” This is the same Family account group that’s shared with Windows 10 PCs. Any accounts you add to your family will appear under Settings Family. You’ll see several categories of settings here: Privacy & Online Safety, Access to Content, and Web Filtering.These options run the gamut from entirely unfiltered to only allowing specific sites you choose.If your child wants to access restricted content in the future, a “Choose who will give permission” screen will appear.You’ll then go through the usual account setup screens–privacy policy, sign-in and security preferences, personalization, Kinect setup (if you have a Kinect), and Xbox Live Gold setup.You may want to lock your Xbox profile with a PIN for more security.

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If the child already has an account on the Xbox One, select it.