Europeana dating

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Europeana  dating

Europeans write the date in the format "Day Month Year", whereas Americans use "Month Day, Year".

Americans have a fondness for (very) long limousines as well as pick-up trucks (in the countryside).Europeans have no equivalent tradition, although informal end-of-studies parties are common (often several ones, which do not necessarily take place in the school).Foreign-language learning in Europe is now compulsory in every country since primary (elementary) school.Most non-English-speaking Europeans use the 24h system, as opposed to the 12h system used in English-speaking countries. Labour Day or May Day, on 1st May) is a national holiday in (most) European countries, but not in the USA.EU countries also celebrate Europe Day (5th or 9th May), although it is not an official holiday (yet).

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Schools and universities are free in most European countries.