Ethics of dating a former patient stories dating

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Ethics of dating a former patient

A licensee shall never place the licensee's own financial interests above the welfare of the licensee's patients.A licensee, regardless of the practice setting, shall safeguard the public from unethical and unlawful business practices.(7) A licensee shall not engage in any sexual relationship or conduct, including dating, with any patient, or engage in any conduct that may reasonably be interpreted by the patient to be sexual, whether consensual or nonconsensual, while a therapist-patient relationship exists.(a) A licensee shall not intentionally expose or view a completely or partially disrobed patient in the course of treatment if the exposure or viewing is not related to the patient diagnosis or treatment under current practice standards.A licensee shall strive to effect changes that benefit patients.(3) A licensee shall only seek compensation that is reasonable for the physical therapy services delivered.(g) Providing substandard care as a physical therapist assistant by exceeding the authority to perform components of physical therapy interventions selected by the supervising physical therapist or through a deliberate or negligent act or failure to act, whether or not actual injury to any person occurred.(h) Abandoning the patient by inappropriately terminating the patient practitioner relationship by the licensee.

(3) An individual shall not practice physical therapy without a valid license, or without holding student status, including: (a) Practicing physical therapy while an individual's license is suspended or revoked.(8) A licensee shall safeguard the public from underutilization or overutilization of physical therapy services.(9) A licensee shall provide accurate and relevant information to patients about the patients' care and to the public about physical therapy services.(a) A licensee, unless otherwise allowed by law, shall not provide patient care without disclosing to the patient or the patient's representative, the benefits, substantial risks, if any, or alternatives to the recommended examination or intervention.(b) Information relating to the therapist-patient relationship is confidential and may not be communicated to a third party not involved in that patient's care without the prior written consent of the patient or the patient's representative, or unless otherwise allowed by law.

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