Esbjorn svensson trio dating

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Esbjorn svensson trio dating

Now, the word “innovator” is thrown about rather a lot these days.

With a rock-sensibility woven around Berglund's classic bass line, Svensson's tight choreography and Öström's highly analytical improvisations, these pieces would be at home on asks that we once again consider the magnitude of this trio.In this sense, it’s not unlike some of the other rather scary euphemisms of this brave new hypermodern world – say, “connectivity” or “quantitative easing” – in that it’s become all too easily associated with making other peoples’ Big Decisions sound bigger and more decisive.But Esbjörn Svensson was a real innovator: his towering achievement was to build on the already-sophisticated foundations of post-bop by adding the steely glaze of electronic sounds.The grooving "Spunky Sprawl" rounds out the set on a high note, with extended solos from all, the highlight being Svensson's freewheeling, bluesy charge.Following the crowd ovation, a minute or so of post-concert buzz is captured.

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One constant, however, was e.s.t.'s democratic nature, with Svensson the nominal leader in a trio where co-writing credits were the norm, and where Berglund and Öström shouldered equal weight in defining the band's unique sound.