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Erotic personal dating ads

She described herself as 64 years old, somewhat heavy but curvy, with shorter gray hair. Then, turning to her, I said, "I especially liked the last sentence." I looked at the letter again and slowly read to her "Fantasies can be fun." "Fran, I can't tell you how, forgive me, how turned on I got when I read that last sentence." "I'm glad you noticed, and I gotta admit, I was hoping to catch your attention with that." "I like fantasies too, Fran. I have some ideas, really kind of personal secret ideas." Fran replied, "I have some really private personal ideas too." "I like you Fran." "I like you too Jonathan." We gave each other's hands a warm squeeze.

" Fran said, "That would be lovely." I took her letter out of the drawer in the end table and said to her, "Come closer, let's enjoy this together." I read out most of it to her, with her reading next it next to me. "Yes, especially bedroom ideas." "You're ad, Jonathan, well, with the age differences and you looking for a much older woman and all, well...does kind of suggest a few things in particular." "Yes, it does, it was meant too.

"I'll go first, I'm really glad to be seem really nice Jonathan." "I'm glad you're here too Fran. I'm pleased." I took her hands in mine and asked "Would you like to read it together?

"It's really...," we both started to say at the same time, then we both laughed.

How about you write your idea down, but hide it from me Fran.

In fact, Hollywood made a good but now forgotten film about it simply titled "The Personals". Most of the replies were average and similar to each other. I'm an older woman who needs to be with a younger man. "I love you Son." "I love you Mommy." "Son, do you remember when you were very young and I breastfed you? Every time I fed you, it felt so good I had an orgasm. Her nipples hung on the bottom of each breast protruding out almost an inch. Take off your pants." I stood up and loosened my belt, unzipped and slowly pulled my pants and underwear down. She guided her right breast to my mouth and at the same time found my pee-pee with her left hand and started to lovingly squeeze it. Mommy loves you." I started to suck on Mom's erect nipple and she let out several moans.

"Wanted W4M Are you an older mature woman who desires a younger man? One was from someone that apparently didn't read my ad (just like craigslist today, some things never change). She stroked my head and hair with her right hand and continued to squeeze my cock with her left hand. "You'll see." With that she started to slap the sides and underside of my erect cock, lightly at first, the harder and harder. It really hurt, but felt good all at the same time." "Like I said Son, we needed to receive punishment if we are going to do things together." Mom then said, "What we are going to do next will be pleasure for you and punishment for me, but don't worry, I'm okay with it, in fact, I need it.

She said, "That's a good start, but there is more we need to do. It is wrong by just about any measure on the feels incredibly good. It is a really naughty and dirty kind of sex, that is why we needed the punishment first." I did as I was told and moved my face close to Mommy's butt. But to hear the way Mommy was moaning it was doing something.

So, if we are going to 'love' each other in this special way, we need to balance it with punishment for our sin, or we will go crazy. I grabbed each butt cheek with my hands so Mommy could use her hands to support herself, and I started licking. I started to lick harder and harder, trying to pull her asshole open with my hand and, I don't know why, but I wanted to stick my tongue into Mommy's asshole as far as it could go.

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