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It’s even more difficult to maintain a level perspective on everything when you’re a public figure that’s on television almost every day of the week.Whether it was their intention or not, Ellen De Generes and Portia de Rossi have been catapulted into role models ever since their relationship was announced in 2004.

De Generes went through the terrible trauma of suffering abuse from her stepfather.

In spite of this, it’s rather touching that De Generes can provide a catharsis of sorts for the many guests that are on her show.

Even though the subject matter is typically lighter in nature and more pop culture-based, there are still plenty of wounded individuals who she’s been able to help through her talk show.

Obviously this was a weight on her for many years, but when she came out as a lesbian, she was severely bullied and went through major bouts of depression as a result.

None of this was easy to deal with, but it’s all helped De Generes form her unique perspective that’s fundamental to who she is.

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