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Women were shown to be allowed the opportunity to take part in the economy, such as their role as merchants, as it happened later in the Roman Empire, specially among the lower classes.

Women had also taken part in religious activities, such as those who were priestesses.

A family with well-grown sons was considered to have decent security.

From the earliest preserved archaeological records, Egyptian women were considered nearly equal to men in Egyptian society, regardless of marital status.

Such were the cases of Hatshepsut, Nefertiti, Nefertari and the Nubian Egyptian Queens.

The further Nubian Queens were able to maintain this status.

Women have traditionally been preoccupied with household tasks and child rearing and have rarely had opportunities for contact with men outside the family.

Royal Egyptian women had great impact on Egyptian Society.

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The most important religious offices of that kind were those of God's Wife and God's Wife of Amun.

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