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Those final episodes were by far the most beautiful, cinematic things I’ve ever seen on television to date.

I’m 14, sitting in my bedroom rewatching "Skins" for what must be the 18th time.

Scodelario – best known for her role as Effy in “No more,” she added. To everyone still suffering silently, you never asked for it.

“I want to thank every single person who has spoken out about sexual assault/harassment recently. NOBODY DOES.” Now Scodelario has spoken to , saying: “The response was wonderful, it was a relief but I am still dealing with it, and I am now dealing with a new side of it, which is this.” “I will be asked about it forever now.

The first time I watched it was six years later, the summer leading up to my freshman year of high school.

While I may look like a copy of many of Effy Stonem’s famous looks, in terms of my actual life, I’m far from it.I could probably quote the show to you if you let me.I’m sitting in my ripped up denim jeans, combat boots, and oversized flannel.Fourteen was a hell hole of betrayals, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and self harm.Fourteen was the year when I lived more through "Skins" than I did through my own life.

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They've told lies to papers to try to silence me.

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