Drupal 7 feed aggregator not updating dating site for in australia

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Drupal 7 feed aggregator not updating

After updating to bootstrap 8.x-3.19, in this site, if I go to /user/register I get the following error The website encountered an unexpected error. In the logs, the error I get says the following: Error: Call to a member function id() on null in Drupal\bootstrap\Bootstrap::is Admin() (line 1247 of .../web/themes/contrib/bootstrap/src/Bootstrap.php) #0 .../web/themes/contrib/bootstrap/src/Bootstrap.php(1373): Drupal\bootstrap\Bootstrap::is Admin() #1......

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Thanks for the great work on this Bootstrap Drupal Theme it's really great to use! I did everything the same I did with Bootstrap 3 for Drupal 7: 1. In View selected to render Title from Title and Image form Image field. It only shows one image under another, like this: ******** * image * ******** ******** * image * ******** ******** * image * ******** Instead of usual, one image and then sliding through it. Thanks When blocks or regions are set in the DOM, they are placed in tags.

Hi, I am facing an issue on my sites after updating Bootstrap theme to the 7.x-3.23. For accessibility purposes, these landmark sections should have aria-labelledby attributes that point to the ID of their internal header, if possible.

Data model changes None Release notes snippet TBD Problem/Motivation When adding an element with dynamically changed height (dropdown, select2 field) that should break out of the modal, it instead causes the modal to scroll and gives a very small window to view.

What was the original use case that adding scroll to the body fixed?

#3037636: [regression] Dialog modals can no longer be stacked is working on removing the hardcoding, but even the current solution there is still setting the dynamic z-index via JS.

#2822778: Modal popups in views is not showing properly when toolbar tray is upon modal has set modal dialog z-index to 601, which is getting covered by Bootstrap's .modal-backdrop z-index of 1040.

I think this translation should be removed but I'm not sure if this is the right place to request it so sorry in advance. Shouldn't be a check to see if $user is null and return false before checking the id() part?

If this isn't the right place to request a translation removal could you please guide me to the correct place to do it? The css file css (view-source:https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@unicorn-fail/[email protected]/dist/3.4.0/8.x-3.x/css) has the class : .form-required::after But the svg file requested is missing as the url of the file (https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@unicorn-fail/[email protected]/dist/3.4.0/images/required.svg) cannot be found.

Fresh install (without 3rd partie modules or other themes) - the same result.... - Actually, I was using all the same Bootstrap & Subtheme & modules on several websites....

including Admin Toolbar module and Toolbar Themes module... Hello, I would like to be able to make images that are uploaded to the body in ck-editor responsive with the img-responsive. Thank you Problem/Motivation Drupal core: 8.7.0-beta1Bootstrap: 3.17.0fontawesome_menu_icons: 1.5.0 When switching to non-bootstrap themes, such as Bartick, sub-theme of Adaptive Theme, the errors as blew are gone.

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there should be content, if I look up source code, I can see my content, but I get only blank pages.....