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I was a little behind when it came to the hype about the new Wonder Woman movie, I just watched it last month when it was released on DVD, but I couldn’t have seen it at a more fitting time. This is not what we came here to do.” Diana replies with resolve, “No.

So many themes resonated deeply with me and I was reminded of a quote from Helen Alvaré: “Women are on the front lines of the Battlefield of Mercy.” Our world today is that battlefield, and Helen’s words are a call to take our place on the front line with our sisters., one of the most moving scenes for me was when Diana and her human counterpart, Steve, are walking through the trenches bordering no man’s land, where there has been a stalemate for nearly a year. But it’s what I am going to do.” Encountering the person in front of her, for our neighbor.

Not only is restoring human dignity a key component of mercy, it is also an essential work of women.

Diana is immediately moved to take action and promises to help. How can we cultivate the necessary integration between heart and mind that will allow us to use our empathetic response to the suffering of others as a catalyst for taking action?

Last night 12 years later we took a second one to commemorate our 10 year wedding anniversary."The actress, who just celebrated their son's first birthday earlier in the week, added, "A few things have changed since then. She did admit, "There have been moments where I didn’t think we’d make it.

Where I wanted to take my pillow and smother him in the middle of the night. The more time I spend with this guy the more deeply I begin to understand that he is the best of me.

When the whole world falls into disarray and nothing makes sense to me he is my shelter, my safe harbor."The 39-year-old actress also made sure to gush, "He makes me better in every way by loving me and believing in me and for never giving up on me. I love you @joshbkelley more than you can probably imagine and then some! " 10 years ago today me and my beautiful bride walked down the isle together solidifying our love and partnership.

Life has thrown its many twists and turns at us and we've navigated every move together with grace and passion - I couldn't love you more @katherineheigl - you are the soul to my groove !!

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