De la garza dating

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At the same time, Bianca also bagged a world exclusive interview with Mohammed Al-Fayed.

De La once questioned Madonna whether she would choose Tom or Eli for a Q-B date for which the pop star chose Eli which instantly became a headline across the globe.

Bianca has also reported for the reporting on the Resignation of Bernard Cardinal Law in Vatican City.

Bianca reported on the disaster in Sothern California after the earthquake and wild fire.While working for Fox Boston Network, Bianca hosted New England Travel segment and also Home Improvement Segment, both of which she declared that she liked.Bianca De La has also hosted various premieres of Hollywood movies and special Oscar night.The series was to put 400 women who have overcome obstacles to achieve great goals in their lives.It was reported in June 2014 that Bianca would be leaving her news anchoring job to play as a news anchor in NBC’s ‘Odyssey”. Bianca is rocking it with her style and proper diet.

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