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Eamonn told her: “You are the only one who turned up. I did point out we were meant to be seeing each other early today.Some party that must have been.” Pulling no punches, Lady C insisted: “I think we know where they are and what they’re doing. “I saw them as I was leaving which was well after midnight. “Some people are like Oscar Wilde, they can resist anything but temptation.Facing the music today, Jack tweeted: “I wanted to apologise to everyone @thismorning & the viewers for my no show yesterday. I got over excited at the late night filming of the CGD wrap party and obviously regret that now.“So sorry once again & hope I get the chance to make it up to everyone.” Jack has recently joined the This Morning family as he jets off around the world to promote the competition.Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (wiki) Go to the section about FHS compliance, and what it will basically tell you is not all Linux distribution are created equally (case and point different shell version across different distribution aka bourn shell vs kornshell)... Should one of the files exist (which is more then likley, unless they changed the file structure) You can then just simlpy declare a variable called temp and fill it with the path of the tmpfs (temporary filesystem) To give you a gist of it #!

To my knowledge, there is no standard or traditional tool which works this way.

But Lady C was the only one to make it in time, as hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford revealed they hadn’t bothered to turn up.

In a further dig, the irritated presenters flashed up pictures of the pair – who are dating – looking all partied out leaving the Celebs Go Dating wrap party at Libertines nightclub in the early hours.

PS If you find any further tmpfs pleas just go a head and edit this post Thanks. This stores the preprocessed sources and compiled object code files, and uses hashes based on both the source code and the compiler signature to figure out whether to use the cache or to recompile a file.

A generic cache for the shell would have to similarly hash the script, the signature of each external utility used, etc., and also take into account that the output of a shell script may depend on the time of day (if it uses since this is built into most shells and the extra processing of it for caching would only slow it down (unless what was echoed also called heavy external utilities through command substitutions etc.) I don't think it would be worthwhile in the end, but possibly only useful in a very specific context, such as the utility for caching compilations, which is a problem slightly more limited in its scope.

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how ever that dose not mean that there are no means to implement it...

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