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You buy the right to use the property for a certain number of years, but you don’t own outright.

Ownership reverts to the original owner at the end of your term.

Deeded or “fee-simple” contracts are similar to buying a house—you get a share of ownership.

You can resell or rent your timeshare, or pass it down to your children.

Please see the bank’s website for the most current version of card offers; and please review our list of best credit cards, or use our Card Match™ tool to find cards matched to your needs.

Dear Credit Wise, Hello, I take a big annual vacation with a friend that costs about ,000 each, not including airfare. I takes some “chiseling away,” but I always pay it all back before the next trip.

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For the past couple years, I’ve been putting the whole trip on my regular credit card, and paying the interest.

Instead, try to get to the point where you are able to pay your other charges on the card in full each month.

This will effectively give you another 0-percent interest card and one whose terms will not expire after a few months.

But what you asked is whether this is a plan for “each year.”There, I can only give you a maybe. Every time you open a new account, your credit reports will reflect that change.

I suspect your credit is at least in the “good” category, since you are able to handle this vacation charge year after year.

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In a survey of 100 cards, Credit’s November 2015 balance transfer survey found the post-promotional rate to be 17.8 percent.

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