Dating the fossil record

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After Darwin, evolution was added to the picture, and thus the notion of transformation of one life-form to another replaced the earlier belief that each horizon of fossils represented a separate creation and world-destroying flood.

Both considerations, of course, tacitly suppose that each type of horizon of fossils represents a distinctive period of time over which the particular organism lived.

This is, perhaps in large part, because the group has traditionally been defined by pigment composition, and not with more easily identified morphological characters.

Fossils were thus assigned to this group because of overall resemblance to modern taxa, Recent morphological work has added a number of characters which should aid in recognition of members of this group.

The Dasycladales has perhaps the best-known fossil record of any group of green algae.

That was Baron Cuvier’s compromise, and it did superficially seem to account for multiple and differing horizons of fossils. The Word of God teaches only one episode of special creation, and only one global Flood, not many!

As is the eventual fate of all compromises, it was only a matter of time before any semblance to Scripture (in this case, the multiple creations and the multiple floods) had been dropped altogether.

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