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Some expert tatters consider the use of a tatting shuttle to be a little more difficult than employing the procedure of needle tatting.However, others state that with practice, it is possible to use the tatting shuttle efficiently and with a great deal of speed, which helps to create a finished piece in less time.Clover Bookmark - Create your tatted clover bookmark with our free pattern!Diamond Doily - Create a delicate diamond doily for your home using our free tatting pattern.This term is believed to be a corruption of tip for tap, which meant "a blow for a blow." Its current form dates from the mid-1500s. Most authorities believe this expression was a corruption of tip for tap, meaning “a blow for a blow.” It was already in its current form in the sixteenth century.Decorative Flower Wand - Use our free tatting pattern and diy instructions to create a pretty flower wand for your little princess!

Tatted Anklet - Create your own beaded anklet with this free tatting pattern just in time for Summer!

A lot of the best vintage patterns are found in women’s magazines dating from 1930’s and 40’s.

Those patterns are beautiful and although I do a lot of vintage tatting, I rewrite their patterns and write my own patterns using more modern notations, because they are just easier to read.

The tatting shuttle is an oval shaped device that contains two small holes at each end of the body of the shuttle.

Generally, the tatting shuttle is no more than three inches in length, although there are larger models available.

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Now straighten the left middle finger and use your right index finger and thumb to slide the first half of the ds down the thread under the pinched fingers.

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