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The high chair stayed locked in toddler-hood, so all she could do was poo (which was hilarious BTW).

Then, POOF - very similar to actual motherhood, I'm mourning the quick growth of my child.

Although some require a download, you can play most of the anime simulation games directly from your browser.

Some offer simple gameplay, in which you simply choose from a selection of responses, while others require you to plan out intricate dates and flirtatious conversation for a good ending.

Add kid birthday party events and play dates with other kids! Give us the option to change kid's clothes and hair styles similar to our regular Sims.12.

@Finealta Yes, this is because there is no relationship points being rewarded while they are in those stages (baby, toddler, child). We could suggest a head start in relationship levels with every child's parents right after they grow up, because you get a good relationship with that child because you took care of them (in the game, having finished the Relation Events). I want them to stick around a while because I accidentally retired my other Sims and even with their progress supposedly being saved in the game, my new Sims had to start from scratch in careers anyway. Like in life, I feel like all my Sims do is work (another thread for another time - work actions are way too long and repetitive) and I'm becoming bored after only playing the game for a few weeks. I think the baby issues in the game are always bugs. Baby growth doesn't have to be changed, 1 day is good enough.As for toddlers and children growth, the Sims Mobile team don't need to change it atleast. It is the game's core play, making it unique from other The Sims titles on PC and Consoles.Upon interaction with my now-adult Sim-Baby, she's a complete stranger.She lives in the household like a ghost, and the option to promote her doesn't work. I like the game, have never played PC versions so this is really a trip.

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