Dating on the rebound

Posted by / 13-Oct-2019 22:24

You may be thinking you are moving on, but in reality you are still chained to your past and like how!

Rebound relationships may seem like the most feasible options after a breakup, but is it really so?

This new relationship serves as a guiding light to heal your breakup woes.

Here, we would like to introduce you to the truth of the moment – you may be living in an illusion of ‘moving on’, but in reality, you are stuck in the issues of the old relationship.

The past issues may remain unresolved, leading to a cycle of self-hurt, trauma and emotional ordeal.

While it may seem right as of now, rebound relationships start with the very intention of not being permanent.

However, before we find out about the signs of whether you are in a rebound relationship, let us first analyse the concept, its potential risks and feasibility from a neutral perspective.

And A rebound relationship is an impulsive response to a tormented breakup.

They may cry, repent about the mistakes they never made, surrender in front of the ex, just to avoid the nasty feeling of being alone. They believe in the ‘love will overcome all odds’ philosophy, including their couple differences as well, which is not true at all.How can you expect to make new beginnings with an unclean slate?So, this could be the beginning of a rebound relationship where you may be using your current partner to get over your ex or to make them jealous.They may use it as an opportunity to socialise frequently, meet new potential mates and within no time, have a new relationship partner in quick succession.This is nothing but a rebound relationship that can instantly boost the sufferer’s ego by reinforcing the belief that lots of individuals are open to dating them again.

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While most people take some time off to introspect and brood over a breakup, if you are jumping in a new relationship just for the heck of it, then it’s not love- but a rebound which will again end bitterly causing pain and hurt.