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I did not have to correct much of anything in the system for my mix, which is what we expect from a sound system.""You name it, I’ve mixed on it.

I like clarity and quick response from drum tones and things like that where it's very present and close up. I was real happy with that.""I mix monitors backstage.

The high end sounded really crisp and clear, and the vocals cut nicely.""I was really impressed with Show Match.

The high end sounded really crisp and clear, and the vocals cut nicely.""Show Match is working really well for our shows here.

Show Match has blown away every rig I’ve mixed on this year, or last year.""I had never used Show Match until today.

It took me less than half a song to hear that this system could really translate my mix, everything I needed was there.

It's handling everything from pop acts to classic rock to salsa, very clear and powerful sound every time.

This is the first time I've operated a Bose line array.

I was impressed.""I was really impressed with Show Match.

The system reacted well to being driven hard – it didn’t get harsh, and I was impressed with it overall.

The band, fans and management were all very happy with the sound of the show.

I look forward to using it in the future, and learning about which rental companies carry the system.""Frankly, it blew me away; I actually was really surprised how good it sounded compared to other systems I have mixed on in the past..bottom end was great; it really had a lot of punch to it, which is exactly what I need for Fetty Wap.""I was surprised by the output and sound pressure capabilities of Show Match, along with the quality of the sound. The subwoofers do a great job, despite their small size.""The Bose Show Match system delivers a fantastic sound, perfect for its purpose.

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The sound quality is really amazing and blends in naturally with the acoustic instruments from the stage – even in typically demanding venues."“Show Match is surprisingly powerful for its size, with enough throw to smack you in the face way back into the audience coverage area.

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