Dating high maintenance woman carbon dating for kids

Posted by / 14-Mar-2020 14:26

Dating high maintenance woman

Those who perceive themselves as having a high mate value will be less willing to compromise.

And if her partner is similarly high value, then she probably needs to utilize every available resource to make sure he doesn’t cheat. Many would like to think that high maintenance women are just insecure little girls in need of an empathetic and committed partner to provide a bridge back to vulnerability (and sweat pants in public) but this might not be the case.

Research shows that women (young women especially) will guard their mates closely: enhancing their appearance, signaling to other women that their partner is off the market, or using emotional manipulation to keep a partner close.

It’s possible that a high maintenance woman is taking hours to get ready to signal to her partner that she’s of high value (and worth waiting around for), and to signal to others that her status is not to be competed against.

The evolutionary theory of mate choice starts with the idea that reproductive success is the foundation for choosing a mate.

Everyone wants to maximize their chances on having strong healthy offspring.

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So by example, in modern times make-up, clothing choices, altering appearance and/or flirting- these could be seen as tactics utilized by women in competition with other women for the high-status man’s attention.