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Counseling Services staff are here to assist students in their pursuit of a contented and balanced life as they strive for academic, personal and intellectual growth.

For many students, this is a time of new challenges as they learn to balance scheduling, academics, work and athletics, with leisure activities, relationships and quiet time.

The Clarke University Counseling Services staff works closely with other Student Life staff in an effort to support all aspects of the students’ college experience.

A variety of services are available including, but not limited to In counseling, the student can focus and identify problems or stumbling blocks, which may impact his/her ability to function optimally in various settings.

Having a positive self-image and good self-esteem in one’s reserves can greatly assist the student’s decision-making process and enhance his/her sense of comfort.

Uncovering the obstacles to self-esteem can prove beneficial for anyone.

Editor’s Note: Prospective students can learn a lot about a law school online, such as tuition, student-t0-faculty ratio, and job placement statistics, among others.

Harder to find, however, is what the day-to-day life of a law student is really like.

Intermittently struggling through these issues, as well as making peace with old issues, is a very normal and healthy part of growing as a person.With that mind, we asked two recent alums, Jessie Shields and Shanna Miles, to talk about their general schedules as law students.What did your week look like, Monday through Friday?Programs are announced on the Counseling Services web pages, as well as through faculty, staff, and residence hall advisors. Some frequently requested topics are: One predictable aspect of life is change.The college years are often a time of transition and adjustment to all kinds of changes.

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