Dating bald

Posted by / 11-Oct-2020 22:05

It takes a certain kind of guy to pull this off, but when it works, it really really works.

The thing that the first group should know is that some of them can turn Grandpa-weird-bald into “Mmm, Sexay! I think I would feel very uncomfortable— I’m a heterosexual male. That might be a little strange—unless it happened after we had been together a while due to some disease or treatment.

In reality, the majority of us judge potential dating partners at least somewhat by their appearances.

We like our partners to be attractive to us both inside and out.

Being of the age where male pattern baldness is common among age mates, I would have to say no, it wouldn’t bother me at all, with the exception of comb-overs or trying to ignore it by growing your hair long.

I suffered from MPB, had the ring of hair Grandpa style, so I shaved my head in 1996 and never went back.

I’ve never been in the situation because I’m relatively young, and most of the guys I could be potentially interested in haven’t been bald.But, I honestly don’t know if it would impact my decision to date someone or not. Does a bald or balding man decrease his attractiveness at all? Are you less likely to be interested in someone if he is bald or balding? First, there’s the ring-around-the-dome which reminds me a lot of my grandfather.If you are young and dating someone, do you try to figure out if he will be bald in the future (based on familial patterns)? I did date a guy once who had this, and it was kinda weird.I’m not one to let a little thing like gender stop me from having the most enjoyable life possible.My wife loves my bald head, and she is adamant about me keeping it shaved.

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NO I hate partially bald myself, cruel trick played on me by someone.

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