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You should only carry out non-licensed work on asbestos if you have had the appropriate information, instruction and training.Yes, if an employee is liable to be exposed to asbestos, then employers should provide that employee with adequate personal protective clothing appropriate for the work that they will be doing.This is due to the time it takes for the body to develop symptoms after exposure to asbestos (latency).Exposure to asbestos can cause four main diseases: You can get further detailed information on these diseases from the HSE website.You should stop work immediately, confirm what it is or assume it is asbestos and carry out a risk assessment.

In homes built in the United States or Western Europe since the 1980s, there's little chance that asbestos is present. But if your tastes run toward the vintage and you live in an older home, how can you find out if asbestos is present in your dwelling? If you think that you may have asbestos in your home, you should call a contractor to come out and perform a survey of your house. As if Hurricane Katrina didn't cause enough problems, the storm also disturbed asbestos present in older homes.Specially trained crews, like the one of which Anthony Neal (above) is a member, were called in to help deal with asbestos removal. Reaganomics, new wave music, the centennial of the Statue of Liberty and breakdancing were just a few of the highlights that made the 1980s unique.It can take anywhere between 15-60 years for any symptoms to develop after exposure, so these diseases will not affect you immediately but may do later in life.You need to start protecting yourself against any exposure to asbestos now because the effect is cumulative.

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The asbestos is separated into single fibers and added to products as a flame retardant or used as insulation.

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