Dating a nigerian women

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Dating a nigerian women

Traditionally, and to some extent this remained true in popular culture, single adult women were seen as available sexual partners should they try for some independence and as easy victims for economic exploitation.

In Kaduna State, for example, investigations into illegal land expropriations noted that women's farms were confiscated almost unthinkingly by local chiefs wishing to sell to urban-based speculators and would-be commercial farmers.

So they converted a bedroom in their Toronto home into a large walk-in closet that resembles a luxury boutique.In the south, women traditionally had economically important positions in interregional trade and the markets, worked on farms as major labor sources, and had influential positions in traditional systems of local organization.The south, like the north, had been polygynous; in 1990 it still was for many households, including those professing Christianity.In Nigerian terms, a woman was almost always defined as someone's daughter, wife, mother, or widow.Single women were suspect, although they constituted a large category, especially in the cities, because of the high divorce rate.

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Such households were more numerous in the south, but they were on the rise everywhere.

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