Dating a new cop

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He meets a woman called Kylie (Riki Lindhome) who has a cat named Fatty. She thinks he wants her, and leaves in disappointed anger when she finds out that he only wanted her cat for his cat.Nick becomes irresponsible with the money from his late father's estate, so Jess uses some of the money to pay Nick's unpaid bills, behind his back.Jess is asked by her mother to pick up her troublesome older sister Abby (Linda Cardellini) from jail.Jess also tries to prevent Nick from meeting Abby, because of her sister's unruly behavior.After Cece's wedding, Nick and Jess flee to Mexico for some alone time and Nick ends up in trouble with the law.Meanwhile, back home, Schmidt cannot bring himself to decide between Cece and Elizabeth and Winston has trouble assembling a jigsaw puzzle.

Coach (Damon Wayans, Jr.) visits the apartment to spend a "guys night out" with the guys, after breaking up with his girlfriend.

Jess tries to become good friends with Coach by watching Detroit Pistons games with him and becoming a Pistons "fan".

However Jess' "fandom" starts to interfere with her relationship with Nick, who is a lifelong Chicago Bulls fan.

With Nick's improved financial situation, Winston feels its finally time to ask Nick for the money he owes him.

Still feeling guilty about hurting Cece and Elizabeth, Schmidt seeks advice from Rabbi Feiglin (Jon Lovitz) and then saves the life of Mike (Derek Waters), a bike messenger who nearly choked on his gum.

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Schmidt starts to feel left out by the gang, now that he lives across the hall from them and Coach has moved into his room.

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