Cory kennedy dating

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Cory kennedy dating

In the summer of 2005, when she was 15 but not yet famous, Cory Kennedy went to a Blood Brothers concert at the El Rey Theatre.She remembers what she was wearing--black leg warmers, beat-up black Converse sneakers and a canary-yellow Lacoste mini-dress that she’d had to beg her mother to buy her.Hunter had long taken female friends with him, but the friends were usually his age.True, there were times when Hunter himself was the most lifelike thing on the guest list.(Jinx Kennedy confirms that his conscientiousness won her over.)“It was kind of weird bringing underage people to the events,” says Hunter, who gave them cameras and posted their work alongside his photos. ‘Cause she’s getting her picture all over the Internet.’ I’d say, ‘Oh, it’s just that Mark is shooting her and he’s smitten.’ And she’d say, ‘You should get into her My Space, because I think this is really big.’”But, Jinx says, she had neither the will nor the computer savvy to imagine what might be happening in the alternative universe of Cory’s online persona.“But they were part of the team.”Rogow, who is now a freshman at Hampshire College in Amherst, Mass., says the experience was intensely exciting. Hunter is assiduous about tracking use of his website, and he noticed that every time he’d run a picture of Cory, “I’d start seeing all this traffic from fashion community sites.”The next step seemed obvious, says Cory: “I thought, ‘Hmm. And, in any case, such things seemed trivial compared with her concerns for her child’s emotional and psychological health.

Almost immediately, they wanted to tag along to the parties.

A year or two’s difference, and Cory might have recognized him as the 2003 Associated Student Body vice president at Santa Monica High School. Put it this way: By the time Cory Kennedy’s mother realized that her child had become, in the words of, an “Internet It Girl,” the Web was riddled with photos of Cory posing, eating, dancing, shopping, romping at the beach, looking pensive and French-kissing one of the (adult) members of the rock band the Kings of Leon. She had thousands of people signing on to her My Space pages.

After graduation, he had discovered a knack for taking pictures of L. nightlife, and he had been posting them for free on, which was becoming a fairly popular website. She had fashion bloggers dissecting her wardrobe (“a cross between the Little Match Girl and the quintessence of heroin chic,” one wag called her taste in fashion). ) She had designers begging her to wear their clothes and deejays offering her money to show up at their nightclubs.

Hunter, then 20, especially liked the El Rey because all sorts of interesting people went there, from movie stars to posses of L. teenagers like the pretty girl in yellow he saw that night out on the town. That was the first flicker of what would become the--What? She had people watchers from the Netherlands to Japan speculating about her life story. She had invitations to party with Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.

She was living, in short, a teenager’s dream and a parent’s version of “Fear Factor.” And the obvious questions--at least for her mother--were, “What happened? ”“I still have no idea,” half-jokes Jinx Kennedy, a rangy 56-year-old who, with husband Barry Levin, 63, runs a for-profit high school degree program.

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It was the late autumn of her sophomore year at Santa Monica High School.

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