Consolidating print and mail

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Consolidating print and mail

Look for Energy Star rated appliances, which could qualify you for tax credits, and opt for Energy Star CFL bulbs that save money, prevent pollution and last longer than standard light bulbs.You can learn more about appliances and lighting options at the Energy Star .Green marketing is another way you can consolidate your carbon footprint.Printing your business cards, postcards, posters, brochures and other marketing materials on recycled paper with eco-friendly soy inks have a major positive environmental impact and still allow you to look great.Also, it should go without saying, you must recycle.Paper, aluminum, plastic — they're all recyclable and help to conserve energy.

Get instant pricing for soy ink and recycled paper printing at Ps Print.Graduated repayment plans offer lower payments that step up to a fully amortizing payment.Graduated payments are lower at first and then increase, usually every two years, and are set at an amount to ensure your loans are repaid within the remaining terms.Encourage employees to wear shorts in the summer so you don't have to turn on the air conditioning as much and to wear sweats in the winter so you can keep the thermostat down.If you're worried about public presence, take a hint from some other major companies: They allow employees to dress casually for work as long as they have formal attire on hand and can be changed in 10 minutes if a client is to drop by.

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Extended plans are available for most borrowers with more than $30,000 in Direct Loan balances or $30,000 in FFELP loan balances.

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