Cisco vtp client not updating

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Cisco vtp client not updating

In most networks, the clients connect directly to the VTP Server as shown in our previous diagram.

Any change in the VLAN database will trigger an update from the VTP Server towards all VTP clients so they can update their database.

Despite the variety of versions, it also operates in 3 different modes: Server, client and transparent mode, giving us maximum flexibility on how changes in the network effect the rest of our switches.

To help keep things simple and in order to avoid confusion, we will work with the first version of the VTP protocol - VTP v1, covering more than 90% of networks.

We should also note that all Cisco switches default to VTP Server mode but will not transmit any VLAN information to the network until a VTP Domain is set on the switch.

At this point we are only referencing the VTP Domain concept as this is also analysed in greater depth further on, so let's continue with the VTP modes!

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