Chemistry dating uk carbon dating explained for kids

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Chemistry dating uk

I'm checking my credit card to make sure they don't charge me again. My computer keeps telling me that this site is not safe to use?! I have been using this site in the past and I liked it but now it seems like I need to use some other dating site. During the past year or so every time I log on to Chemistry I immediately receive several pay for play or or porn type invitations on my personal e mail account..

I will not use Chemistry or refer anyone to the site. Lately I have been getting e mails on Chemistry using my real name. I would say 90% of the contacts I receive are from 'text me' accounts that disappear if you want to view them.

I ended up taking my computer to a local IT place and nothing was wrong with it or my email.

When I called back again trying to get back into my account so I could cancel it they rep told me I was stupid because I wouldn't let them get rid of the hacker.

There is no way other users could have gotten this except through Chemistrys member data base. I stupidly paid to join Chemistry in one of those free for a night come-ons that Match does with Chemistry. I get nothing but Text Me99[number], Call Me[number], and any dating site that allows online names such as this is a bad site. I few contacts I have had ask for my phone number in the 1st or 2nd message and stop if I decline.

I tried to live chat with a Chemistry customer service rep about this and she rudely terminated the chat. Also the matches about 40% of the time are completely opposite my preferences. I sometimes think that Chemistry is a place where Match sends misbehaving employees as punishment, or perhaps it is just a honey pot for scammers, or maybe a place where failed web programmers are sent to work. It is, hands down, the very worst singles website in existence, if you don't count the ones that apparently are reserved for North Korean political prisoners.

Anything which one undertakes to get off of their spam list requires log in.

I suspect that "Amberleigh" is actually a forty-eight year old man in a wife-beater with a cigar in his mouth and a bottle of Thunderbird in his desk-drawer.

Serious scam artists so do not waste your time or money!!On any given day, I can guarantee that I will get more scam mail than real mail, most of it beginning with the phrase "txtme" or some variation thereof.If *I* can figure out that 100% of the time such a prefix is 100% indicative of a scammer, why can't the employees ?You can contact the binary options trade funds recovery expert via his email address: [email protected] you have found yourself in same situation as me, I can assure you that the recovery firm would be able to help you just as they helped me.Goodluck This is not the worse dating site on the market but it aint the best either (I personally like

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And if it does, you might get text, or HTML, or some weird mixture of stuff that is unreadable.

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