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It will be used for our room renovation project." The not-for-profit foundation will spend 0,000 to renovate two rooms for cystic fibrosis patients at Albany Medical Center, turning them into private spaces with their own bathroom and kitchenette.

Cystic fibrosis is a progressive, genetic disease that causes persistent lung infections and limits the ability to breathe over time. The renovated rooms are known as "Dawn's rooms," in honor of Dawn Mc Guinness, who died of the disease April 30.

Here are the basic rules: Four one-hour meetings a year. "The beauty of it is that it's so simple," said Jeri Bosman, of Delmar, one of the founders of the local chapter.

Three charities are pitched by members at each meeting. She heard about 100 Women Who Care while visiting a friend in South Carolina and decided to transport the concept north.

"We're blown away by how quickly this has taken off here," Bosman said.

"It's about all of us making a difference." The group has begun putting its motto on marketing materials: "A simple concept, a big impact." To learn more or to join, go to their website at their Facebook page at 100 Women Who Care Albany.

"I want to support local charities and I really like the idea that it's only an hour meeting," Liz Salerni said. Along with the three pitches, they heard an update from the previous meeting's recipient, Lisa Cheney, vice president of the Crandall Foundation.The retired registered nurse recruited two women friends from Delmar who were in the same book club: Peg Donovan and Sandra Alinger, both retired schoolteachers.They spread the word around town, got some guidance from the national organization and held their inaugural meeting in May.If you fancy doing something slightly different, take a look at our 8 ways to raise money for charity below for some ideas and inspiration.Whether you are a Chippendale or a Calendar Girl, teasing but tasteful calendars are a great way to raise a smile and start earning some cash for your charity, but where should you start?

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"We're still getting checks mailed in," Bosman said. Even if you miss a meeting, you're still on the hook for a $100 check.

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