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If this is your first visit to this site I recommend reading my Cancer and Cancer compatibility article on this relationship first. At times itcan be very annoying but it lets me know she loves me and wants me all to herself. We need a little more time in to determine what’s really what. In my first experience of true love, I thought I had really met my soul mate, a Cancer like myself, both of us born in the month of July.

I also have a Cancer man guide and Cancer woman guide which contain a lot of questions and answers related to this relationship. At first our similarities were a source of empathy and closeness. But we were also both prone to extremes of mood and overly sensitive at times.

The moment we met it seemed like we spoke the same language, even though we came from very different backgrounds and personal experiences.

I know that I have never met another person I felt understood me better, and vice versa.

I'm also a female born under the sign of Cancer who, through coincidence or kismet, first fell in love with a fellow Cancer-sign boyfriend.

Falling in love with the silent type gets pretty quiet.

What seemed like sincerity and sensitivity turned into sulkiness and over-sensitivity.

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I think a reason that adds to him liking me MORE is because he really feelslike he can trust me - he knows that if I'm not sleeping with him because of mymorals, he can trust me to not sleep around after we're you have a Cancer man's trust - he is putty in your hand.. he always wants to please me, and though we have not had intercourse, he hasgone down on me and I've gone down on him and the experience is out of argue, mostly because of my insecurity, but he's SO understanding and WANTSto always understand where I'm coming from as long as I spell it out and makeit very clear to him.. girlsalways have said that im loving & caring & eager to please them. being a Cancer is fun though but you have to watch yourself ppl don'tknow your thoughts Cancer. Sometimes you believe it, and that's what makes you that way, more than you're actually that way.

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