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Cam conversation with raven riley

DSP Equity & Bond is a balanced fund with a steady long-term track record.Since its launch nearly 20 years ago, the scheme has delivered a healthy 14.6 per cent annually.

Second, invest the rest of your monthly savings in a bank recurring deposit for a term that fetches the maximum interest rate.

Assuming you invest 60 per cent in equity and 40 per cent in bonds, you know you must save ₹37,400 per month based on an expected post-tax portfolio return of 8.44 per cent.

You will accordingly manage your current consumption if meeting the goal is important to you.

Note that this portfolio will provide you initial capital when you eventually pursue a life goal. Your first goal after you start working is to save.

Investors wanting to mitigate market volatility risk, owing to Lok Sabha elections and macro uncertainties, can consider safer hybrid funds.

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But this could be a recipe for disaster because you will most likely struggle to cut your spending at a later date when you are forced to save to meet your life goals.

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