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I am wondering whether you also need some support to gain confidence in yourself – so you can be more assertive when people mistreat you.

If you came to our Jamboree on the 12th June (details at the end) you can learn from Jo King, body and sexual confidence teacher, who will be talking about how to make it easier to find a partner.

Through this, you can swap notes and get support from each other.

Of course, they are all very different characters, which means they look at things from different angles and have different solutions.

Hearing aids do not differentiate between speech and background noises so take a bit of getting used to.

Some people also feel there is a stigma to using hearing aids.

Of course, the hearing aid can be covered with hair, but when it comes to going to bed with a new lover, it can’t be hidden. These people tend to have the most difficult time socially as many assume that because you can speak, you can also hear.

But the side effect is that she now has no time for romance!

You could also consider taking a friend out and about with you for help with communication.

Just make sure you don’t swamp yourself with things that will wear you out or get you down.

But people can also find problems on their doorstep if those around them don’t know sign language.

2) People who lose their hearing but can speak because they’ve learnt to in their childhood They usually use lip reading to understand what people are saying.

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Some deaf people also like to use elements of the deaf-blind hand alphabet to emphasise the first letter of they words they use.