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FYI; Calling someone exotic that probably grew up down your road and isn’t wearing a Tutti fruitti hat or coconut bra isn’t very complimentary, but is very ignorant.

READ MORE: Things You Only Know If Your Boyfriends Black And You're Not Black women’s Tinder bio’s should really include ‘Warning; ass’s in avi may appear less like Nicki Minaj’s than your preconceived notions on black womanhood had hoped.’ ‘The other main comment I get is that I must have a “big black ass”,’ explains my friend Dionne.

‘The other day, someone started a conversation with me by quoting Kanye in Yes; some black women have spectacular bums but I can assure you, guys with that attitude certainly won’t be benefitting from them.

Sorry to disappoint Tin-dudes but black women aren’t selectively bred for hip hop videos and fulfilling racist fantasies.

Since I was a child, I’ve internalized the idea that the hand I hold determines my worth more than my own hands. If we think about it, it’s really just a comment on power: “Chico, you trying to have power now? My grandmother and other grandmothers and mothers would warn us: “Don’t date someone darker than you. I don’t care about your damn opinions about how dark people are and how kinky their hair is. Christopher Rivas is a storyteller, actor and the creator of "The Real James Bond Was Dominican! To hear Modern Love: The Podcast, subscribe on i Tunes or Google Play Music. Continue following our fashion and lifestyle coverage on Facebook (Styles and Modern Love), Twitter (Styles, Fashion and Weddings) and Instagram.) Most black women really couldn’t care less if you’ve been with a black woman before or not.It’s not going to make you any more or less compatible with her because you’ve been with ‘one of her kind’ before.He was married now and no longer had to be “chosen.” But habits ingrained in adolescence can be hard to break. I hadn’t thought about why that was, but when some brown and black people in my community started giving me a hard time about dating white women, I sensed they’d be happier if I stopped.So early on I learned how important it was to be “chosen,” selected. It’s been a year since I broke up with my girlfriend, and I haven’t told her the real reason. I also got weird vibes from some white people, namely the parents of the women I was dating.

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Which means that in the eyes of others, the color of the women I date is a big deal. Like I’m betraying my people if I date white women. I see people watching me with a stink eye, noses turned up, as if they think black and brown people would somehow be better off if I dumped my white girlfriend. Along with each watchful eye, the whispers of, “Pick a side, Chris, pick a side,” fill my already noisy mind. Yes, the black body has done more for society than it has gotten in return. How do I love as a brown body in the world in a way that makes everybody happy?

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