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Nevertheless, Brazilians share a national culture—making Brazil a true case of unity in diversity.The legacy of the Portuguese in language, religion, and law serves to unify this vast land and its people.Brazil's physical environment and climate vary greatly from the tropical North to the temperate South.The landscape is dominated by a central highland region known as the Planalto Central (Brazilian Highlands, or Plateau of Brazil) and by the vast Amazon Basin which occupies overone-third of the country.At times these contrasts are translated into negative stereotypes as when inhabitants of São Paulo, the huge metropolis in southeastern Brazil, blame their city's poverty and high crime rate on migrants from the North.Those who consider themselves urban sophisticates—particularly inhabitants of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo—have a long tradition of maligning people from smaller cities and towns in the Brazilian interior, calling them uneducated hicks and hillbillies.This is why even today the Northeast is the region with the strongest African influence.

Although now a focus of Brazilian and international media attention because of the negative ecological consequences of development, the Amazon region had long been isolated from national culture.

This region also attracted new immigrants from Europe, the Middle East, and Japan who established family farms and eventually urban businesses.

In contrast, the South—with a climate unsuited to either coffee or sugar—became the destination of many German and Italian immigrants who raised cattle and grew a variety of crops.

Until the mid-twentieth century almost all Brazilians were— at least nominally—Catholic and today, virtually all speak Portuguese and identify with the dominant Brazilian culture. Brazil, the world's fifth largest country in geographical expanse and the largest nation in Latin America, comprises slightly under half the land mass of the South American continent and shares a border with every South American country except Chile and Ecuador.

It is the size of the continental United States excluding Alaska.

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Brazilians are aware of these regional and rural/urban distinctions and closely identify with their place of birth.

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