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He has had chance to show off his skills though by playing in many charity football and cricket matches.As an actor, when you go for auditions, there are certain roles that come along and you think, I really want that one, and Prince Arthur was definitely one of those. It was purely because I wasn't used to his accent and, and also he's got this very...We are joined by a special guest all the way from the USA, JOSE MIGUEL VASQUEZ & finally hear from our very own PHIL CAIRNS @National Philip for the 1st time! Listen live on @acast , @Spotify or @Apple Podcasts!#AYHAD #Fantasy Football #Premier League Here’s the picture that accompanies the story I told colinmurray on Saturday’s episode of #Fighting Talk 🥊🎙. Hosted by BRADLEY JAMES (@Bradley James) & MARCUS ELLARD (@marcusellard) #Premier League #Fantasy Football #draft #newseason…It is said that he was signed by his agent when still in his first year at the school after showing her to her seat.He has suggested that 'there was a little more too it than that.'He is a keen sportsman and it is said that he could have been a professional football player had he not chosen the acting route although he has played that down.I remember the last audition I did was this workshop where they had lots of Arthurs there, and me looking at each one thinking they weren't right for the part, because they weren't me! you wouldn't think when you look at him, this very dark sense of humor you don't know about it My earliest memory from the theatre was going to see a pantomime in Bath and Aladdin said something like: 'Oh, what's in that cave? I don't want to go in.' And the audience was really quiet.And a little voice that belonged to a four year old went: 'I'll go in there!

In Merlin, Arthur has a very loyal friend who keeps him on his toes.Merlin knows that when it comes the crunch, Arthur will always do the right thing.🎙GAMEWEEK 4 - Educating Jose🎙 NOW LIVE on @acast, @Apple Podcasts & @Spotify! 🎉🎉🎉⚽️⚽️⚽️🥇🥇🥇🏆🏆🏆 (Cough*For Fantasy Football Draft based podcasts where at least one or more of the hosts are from Leicester*Cough) (But seriously we did really well so Thankyou for listening & “susscribing”) Cb NRr G The pre season episodes of ‘Are You Having a Draft’ are now live!I will look back on it very fondly and be very proud to have been King Arthur when I finally hang up the chain mail!The post-'Merlin' era is an exciting time to look forward to. That's the fantastic thing about acting - all the different challenges it can provide you with.

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He would later return to England in his teenage years shortly before beginning his classical training at the Drama Centre London, stating that he had 'three of the most enjoyable years of his life' there.

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