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If you’ve checked out my articles on second date ideas, you know that I advise getting physical on the second date by choosing a nature hike, bike ride or something else that gets your heart racing. However, I’m sure that there are plenty of women that wouldn’t mind using the story of saving a puppy as their love story.Online dating is way more extreme nowadays but some people still get reticent when it comes to telling people that they met their girlfriend or boyfriend online.This is a great way of sharing some personal things in a light, non-aggressive way.This guy seamlessly let viewers know that religion is very important to him and so is fatherhood.Come to think of it, which 90s shows made horses a focal point? The point is, this opening line made me curious enough to swipe right (if I was single).Finally, this is a great example of good emoji usage. The below may not be the best of the best Bumble bios for guys, but they’re definitely worth studying.

Remember that you need to capture women’s attention instantaneously on apps. Furthermore, inject a little humor and wit into your bio to ensure it is effective. And he didn’t even have to use more than a sentence.

Notice that this guy fit a lot of information about himself into a small word count.

On apps like Bumble, it’s totally fine to just list things. I also like that, rather than simply saying he’s getting a degree in psychology, he noted that he is pursuing it to work with children with special needs.

This guy hit it out of the park with the creative use of self-deprecation. If I was single, I would swipe right based on that elicited chuckle alone.

To be honest, I’ve never thought about what a guy who sells indoor waterfalls in Tennessee might look like. And if you want to know what a time to rethink your strategy.

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Bumble comes with a “ladies first” mindset, where women are required to make the first move message-wise before the two of you can start communicating. They’re bringing their A-game when it comes to great profile photos and killer bios. I downloaded Bumble and combed through a plethora of profiles.

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