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Auto updating to excel odbc

Range) Dim pt As Pivot Table If Cells(997, 4) Monitor Cell Then 'Refresh Pivot Table For Each pt In Worksheets("Query Summary"). I used to do a lot in Access, so I have an understanding of it. You can also trigger a report and pass criteria via a Combo Box.

Select No as we want to save the workbook as a macro-enabled file type.AFAIK setting the query to background refresh is all that is required.regards, Fazza Quote of Kwilliam: "By the time the query returns new data...pivot has already refreshed.Problem is that I don't know the trigger for when the sum cell changes (ie....formula change, not typed in.) Does this make sense? Using this property, you could detect that the query table refresh is completed and trigger the refresh of your PT. Select End If End With Yes, that is available - I think only in more recent versions of Excel?Here is a copy from the Excel Help on this property: Refreshing Property True if theres a background query in progress for the specified query table. Remarks Use the Cancel Refresh method to cancel background queries. Refreshing Then Msg Box "Query is currently refreshing: please wait" Else . It is useful if the query is refreshing in the background. We are slated to upgrade to Office 2007 (I believe), sometime this Summer. So, hopefully after the upgrade, there are better methods.

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So your code will do the 'right thing' if you have something like below. Refresh Next pt 'Refresh Pivot Tables In Query Summary For Each pt In Worksheets("Query Summary").

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